We have had an amazing response to our requests for donations to the Cape Cod Foster Closet

We appreciate your generosity! Before you donate, please keep these suggestions in mind

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

To make our job a little easier, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Current season clothing only
  2. Check your items for stains, tears, missing buttons, etc. as these will be discarded
  3. Two piece sets (swimsuits, pajamas) – please make sure both pieces are included
  4. No clothing with slogans relating to family (“best big brother”, “mommy’s girl”, etc)
  5. No “souvenir” t-shirts from places you’ve visited
  6. Washed and folded items are appreciated

We want all kids to feel good about themselves and what they are wearing

We don’t want to come across as overly strict, but it takes a lot of time to examine each piece of clothing after it is dropped off. The children who receive these donations deserve to have the nicest possible items so we take the time to look the clothing over carefully. Thanks for caring about the kids!

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