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We help local foster families by providing urgently needed clothing, shoes, books, baby gear & furniture, formula, car seats, and more…

We got a call Friday at 3 p.m. and the kids arrived at 7… a sister and brother, ages 1 and 2. When I unpacked the black trash bag that the social worker left, the clothes were filthy and most were for older children. I called the Foster Closet and we were able to get pajamas, underwear, socks and two outfits for each of the kids that same night.

Image by RitaE on Pixabay

I was so excited to go and choose…

“I was so excited to go and choose some clothes that I like, and new sneakers, and a toy to take home!
And I got some books that I can keep forever!”
Joey, age 9

I thought my time was over and done…

“I thought my time of raising children was over and done, but then my daughter ended up in jail and I didn’t want her two kids going into the foster care system so I agreed to take care of them.”

We didn’t know what age child…

“We didn’t want to buy very much because we didn’t know what age child we would get. We got a call on Friday… we went to the Closet on Monday morning and stocked up…”
First time foster parent

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Even small steps make a difference to families helping children who have next-to-nothing.

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